Skateboard decks can be boring

Well, I decided to make a skateboard deck blog.  Not sure what I’m going to put here but it will be about skateboard decks and stuff related to skateboards.  Don’t expect world shaking content just stuff about decks for skateboards.  Yeah I know that there are tons of sites covering the subject but I figure one more won’t hurt anybody.

Skateboard decks are the wooden (usually) part of the skateboard that you stand on.  Some come with fancy decals or paintings or just plain wood.  I prefer the wooden bare minimum variety myself but that’s just how I roll (pun intended).  I also don’t care for the “branded” boards where you become a walking (or rolling) advertisement.  I don’t judge others who decide to use boards that have all the bells and whistles, to each their own.

Well that’s it for now

Roll On!


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